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Why Should you Host on MilesWeb’s Dedicated Servers?

The requirements and needs of sustaining a business website are strenuous. You have to consider that a successful business website has to endure so much every day. The sheer number of day-to-day operations, CPU usage by web applications, not to mention the heavy web traffic, will overwhelm any website.

Correction! It will overwhelm any regular hosting service that does not come through with enough system specs and support. That said, websites that have grown beyond the scope of Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting need much more than some temporary or manageable solution. Sure, you can go with cloud hosting and bide out your time but, that is not the foolproof answer.

Despite its many functional and technical capabilities, cloud hosting does not possess the ultimate resources and processing power of an entire server machine. Of course, it gathers resources from many servers to cater to the website’s requirements and allows users to scale them accordingly. But for some websites, it is not a viable solution if the overall resource usage is at the maximum all the time. Not to mention, the cost of maintaining the service will be astronomical with no scope of utilizing the unique trait of cloud hosting, flexible billing.

It makes no sense to continue cloud hosting if you know you can avail of a hosting that can provide potentially unlimited resources at a lower price without the need to scale up and down.

Thus, dedicated hosting remains the only plausible solution for businesses with heavy-functioning websites, both technically and monetarily.

What to Look for in a Dedicated Hosting Service?

Although a dedicated servers are the most powerful and foolproof hosting service you get, there are some things you can consider before availing of one.

Processing Power

Your website/s will have a plethora of web applications on board. These software applications will take up a huge chunk of the CPU power of the server to function. Make sure that the server you choose will have powerful processors with ample RAM.

Memory Storage

Your website/s will require vast disk space to store all the data of daily online transactions, customer information, web content, etc. The dedicated server you choose must have enough disk storage for your virtual data.


The data transfer rates or bandwidth determines the amount of data exchanged between the users and your website. Obviously, it needs to be exceptional to make the dedicated hosting worth considering. The more bandwidth you have, the more users you can entertain.

Administrative Control

Dedicated hosting is a service that leases an entire server to a single user entity. Needless to say, the server should be completely under the control of the user. You should have complete and unhindered system control over the server with SSH root access. It gives you the authority to configure and customize the server to your requirement.

Dedicated Hosting by MilesWeb

MilesWeb is one of the leading hosting providers internationally. In recent years, it has managed to surpass many rivals thanks to the quality hosting and a high customer satisfaction response.

Among the many hosting services they give, their dedicated hosting service has also received recognition from the clientele. Their dedicated hosting is so excellent that they have managed to compete in the global arena with many big names. Here are some of the salient features of the dedicated hosting of MilesWeb. You can read the MilesWeb review on trustpilot which is the top rated website for hosting reviews.

Powerful Servers

MilesWeb leases bare-metal servers with high specifications with their dedicated hosting service. The dedicated servers have the latest Intel processors, fast SAS storage. They also offer a wide bandwidth to host many websites at a time.

Free Setup

The setup charge for the dedicated server is zero. The charge for setting up the server is covered under dedicated hosting.  Also, you don’t have to sign a service contract which gives you the freedom to discontinue the hosting anytime.

Fast Data Transfers

MilesWeb offers a premium bandwidth to its dedicated hosting clients. They offer a 100MB per second to 1 GB per second bandwidth with their dedicated servers.

Performance Guarantees

MilesWeb guarantees 99.95% uptime in the form of a service level agreement. It assures you a guaranteed speed and server availability for your website/s.


Dedicated hosting is one of the most premium services offered by any provider. It is the case with MilesWeb too. However, their rates and plans for dedicated hosting are suited for clients with a wide range of budgets. Their dedicated hosting plans start at ₹14,499 per month. Here are the detailed plans of MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting:

What Makes it Ideal for Heavy-duty Websites?

Dedicated hosting was originally meant for huge enterprises that have large international dealings. However, the current dedicated hosting has elevated this stereotype as many businesses have made their websites a raging success. Here are some reasons for you to consider getting dedicated hosting for your heavy-duty website/s.

Sustain High Traffic

With its unparalleled bandwidth, dedicated hosting can easily sustain a ton of visitors and carry innumerable online transactions. A dedicated server enables a website to receive daily traffic in millions.

Perfect for eCommerce

eCommerce websites have to entertain thousands of visitors daily. Not to mention, the web applications like payment portals, shopping carts, etc. test a server’s processing power and memory storage to the limit. It makes dedicated servers a perfect match for such websites as they can take on any challenges presented by the website.

Handle High Profile Clients

If you own a well-established business and deal with distinguished people as clients, you need the utmost privacy and security for their data. It is why having an entire server to yourself is a good asset for continuing your online dealings. You are assured that the client information is secure in the server and is inaccessible by any other machine without your permission.

Dedicated hosting is the best hosting service you can have. If you can afford it, it surely gives value for the money. Whatever service provider you choose, be sure that they are as good as MilesWeb if not better.

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