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Best Online Database Software And How To Choose Them

As database access started to grow rapidly nowadays, it needs an effective solution to maintain it. Data management can get messy sometimes if it is not kept tracked properly. To avoid all these types of a typical blunder like extending loading time, formula errors, etc. These problems can be excluded if the users likely observe them and install online database software to fix them. So here is a list of choosing online database tools to make the user’s experience worthy.

Best five online database software:

  • Smartsheet:

Smartsheet is an advanced database tool that has an interface similar to Excel. It assists in creating a hybrid cross-data spreadsheet or automatic workflows across the spreadsheets. It also offers some great reliable features like integrations with third-party applications. Smartsheet is a perfect choice for small businesses with easy requirements.

Features of Smartsheet:

  • It offers free templates
  • It provides automation features
  • It offers different data forms to users
  • It allows third-party integrations
  • It provides customizable fields
  • It includes dashboard to users
  • Task and team managements
  • Report consolidation
  • Extend data analytics with connectors
  • Integrations and mobile apps
  • It enables managers to track Progress report
  • It assists in custom branding
  • It provides numerous view options


The initial pricing of Smartsheet is $14 monthly per user when charged annually.

  • Quick Base:

The Quick Base is another online database tool focused on non-technical and beginner users who want to create custom applications. QuickBase has a drag and drop interface, form builders, and visual processing modeling.

Quickbase also has supportive features for collecting API calls, including user management, data querying and management, and other functions. Therefore, Quickbase online tools cannot be suitable for large enterprises like healthcare, construction, and manufacturing industries.

Features of Quick Base:

  • Customized UI and App
  • It offers database integration
  • Low and No code development
  • It is one of the best app marketplaces
  • It allows object mapping
  • Rapid app development and prototyping software
  • Dashboard
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Third-party app integration
  • Dashboard tools
  • It comes with a form builder feature
  • Workflow automation software
  • Pre-built templates
  • Workflow or process modeling
  • It offers a Drag and drop interface to users


The initial pricing of Quick Base is $500 per month when charged annually

  • Stackby:

Stackby is an online database tool that merges databases with the simplicity of spreadsheets, offering integrations with business APIs to let the people use their work tools. In stackby, users can form a database from scratch by transmitting the spreadsheets into custom projects.

Also, stackby can be easily affordable, though it has got some demerits. It has got its stacks limited at 50 for the business plan, which means people cannot work on more than 50 databases in workspaces until they choose a customizable business plan.

Features of Stackby:

  • Scheduling
  • It can be easily accessed from mobile
  • Workflow automation
  • Task management
  • It provides notifications to users
  • Feedback and comment
  • Communication features
  • Management features and file sharing
  • Integrates with other project management tools
  • Access control
  • Image, audio files, and video
  • Document collaboration


The initial pricing of Stackby is $4 monthly per user when charged annually. But the personal plan offers users view-only access to the documents and is not appropriate for the teams.

  • ZenBase:

ZenBase is a web-based database tool built for non-technical and beginner users who want to form custom database apps. It has the option to read, create, delete, and update records within a cloud database. This software consists of features like expanding columns, column grouping, typing autocomplete and image display. ZenBase also supports the fast upload of CSV and other file types. It also has an in-built feature known as phpGrid.

Features of ZenBase:

  • Database and inventory management
  • Built-in cloud database
  • Employee directory
  • Product category
  • Business Directory
  • Product management
  • Record Audit
  • Scheme viewer
  • Interactive reports.


The initial pricing of ZenBase is $39 per month with a free two months trial when charged annually.

  • Knack:

Knack is an online database tool that allows the user to structure their data, use equations and formulas on the data, and link related records. Users can also form custom interfaces like maps, reports, calendars, forms, and logins. Knacks can be utilized for effective automatic workflows, maintain data, and build data-driven web apps. Knack has different plans for business and other small and medium business plans.

Features of Knack:

  • E-commerce integration
  • API
  • Zapier integration
  • Real-time dashboard
  • SEO
  • ZIP code searches
  • Javascript customization
  • Analytics/reporting
  • Software and web app development
  • CSS embedding
  • Relational database management


The initial price if Knack is $39 per month

How to choose online database software

These are the following things to consider while choosing the best online database software:

Instinctive UI:

When the team finds sheer in learning the database process, it will discourage them from using the tool. So it is better to buy software that is easily collaborative with the team.


If the organization works with the big data, they have to ensure to purchase the database accordingly to their cloud storage size as the pricing plans differ for each one,

Technical support:

Every database must have optimal support if the users got stuck with any issues. So choose the database accordingly.


Before choosing the database, it is important to always look after the security options. Like what type of encryption does the software have?

No code/ Low code:

The users must choose a simple database software tool to utilize other than the IT department.


Considering the flexibility of the database tool is important for the business process concerning whether it will adapt to the business process or not.


It will be perfect if the user chooses to go with the free plan to select the initial goal of $2,500 per month because a limited budget will often constrain the options.


In the above overview, all the best online database software has been discussed for small and large companies, including the budget. Users will find it easier to choose the right one that is beneficial for them.

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