What Plumbing Companies Can Gain from Using a Vehicle Tracking System

GPS, or global position systems, have been on the market for some time. These days though, many individuals use GPS apps such as Google Maps on their smartphones in order to navigate. However, a GPS is more than just a navigation system to avoid traffic, accidents, and other roadblocks. It is also a way to track trucks, equipment, and other assets, and can be used by many businesses to heighten their logistic systems. One type of business that can benefit from using GPS systems is plumbing companies. Plumbing companies, like many contracting companies, have a lot of moving parts, and these parts need to be tracked in order to ensure a smooth operation.

This is why plumbing companies need to invest in plumbing fleet tracking. Not only can plumbing companies track their vehicles to know where their plumbers are at all times, but this can help to increase relations with customers and win repeat business. This can be done by more accurately assessing timetables for when service providers can make it to the job site. If a plumbing company can give accurate time estimations to customers, and not be consistently late or no-shows to a job site, then they can better set themselves up for growth of their services beyond their immediate customer base.

For plumbing companies looking to grow, having a strong handle on the whereabout of their vehicles and equipment is an important first step. Without this logistical element in place, it will be difficult for plumbing companies to control their drivers and contractors, and also react quickly to emergency work orders and service needs. This is especially important when an urgent request comes in – such as fixing an overflowing toilet – and a plumbing company needs to know the whereabouts of each of its plumbers so that they can send someone who is close to the job site as quickly as possible.

In addition to this, a plumbing fleet tracking system can help plumbing companies back up proof of service claims, which is important in case there is a dispute with a customer as to how long a job took. This is particularly important for plumbing businesses that serve a wide variety of customers in different service areas and may have trouble keeping consistent records of all of their billing needs. Furthermore, a GPS system is useful for plumbing companies that need to be more proactive with customers and less reactive.

Like running any business, running a plumbing business comes with a series of logistical challenges that is unique to that business. However, one thing that is not unique to just plumbing businesses is time tracking and logistics. With a solid GPS plumbing fleet tracking system in place, plumbing companies will no longer have to worry about that aspect of the business. From raising plumber accountability to both clients and the companies they work for, to better being able to assess job times for customers, using a comprehensive GPS system is a must for any plumbing business that is looking to grow

Maxim Joy
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