Tips and important questions to answer about AWS outposts


AWS outposts is simply a hybrid IT that allows you to run AWS services locally. AWS outposts are normally connected to the AWS management system. Outposts provide AWS storage and AWS computing. Many people are always confused especially when they are just getting started with outposts. To clear all your doubts, there are important questions that you should consider asking. Here are some of them

Why would one use AWS outposts?

This is the first important question that you should consider asking yourself before settling for an AWS outpost. Instead of settling for an AWS region, many people go for an outpost. This is so because AWS outpost can easily help you support applications with low latency and low data processing needs. It is very possible to use outposts for workload running on the real-time, factory floor, patience diagnosis, and medical imaging among other workloads. It is very easy for you to process and be able to store on-premises customer data or even data that is located outside the AWS region. Many people are going for an AWS outpost because of how co-effective it is. This simply means that you can be able to use on-premises and cloud computing services together.

Is it possible to use outpost when it is not connected to the AWS region?

When you are just getting started with outposts, this is also a very important question that you should consider asking yourself. What you should understand is that outpost is always reliant on the connectivity of AWS regions. Therefore, they are not very suitable for environments without internet connections. When there is limited connectivity, they are also problematic. To use outpost, it is very important to have a very high network connection, especially to the AWS region.

Is it possible to re-use existing servers on the outpost?

This is a very common question that many people are always asking about. It is very important to know that you cannot possibly reuse your servers on an outpost. This is simply because outposts use AWS infrastructure. AWS infrastructure is only supported on hardware that is designed by AWS.


Before you get started with incorporating aws outpost into your system, it will be very important for you to try and find out more about it. If you do not have an idea of where you can start from, you better find answers to several important questions.

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