Five Essential Rules to Follow when Designing your Website

When it comes to website design, there are a lot of styles and options you can choose from. You can choose to have a minimalistic and classy, sleek and contemporary, or playful and vibrant site design. Sure, your website’s final look must express your personal style, brand identity, and line of work. But, there are some rules you must follow.

These include the following:

Keep the Homepage Simple

The homepage of any site in Sydney must communicate the core message. Usually, web visitors scan this page, as well as pick out keywords, images, and sentences.  This makes it important to appeal to emotions instead of the word count.

With lesser texts to read, links to click on or content to remember, visitors can process and assess your homepage more effectively.  Thus, ensure they understand what your site is about right away, without scrolling or clicking anywhere. Also, employ whitespace in between elements in your content to give the web design Sydney a more spacious and balanced feel. Don’t forget to add imagery and calls-to-action.

Pay Attention to Visual Hierarchy

With hierarchy, you can display your content clearly and effectively. The right use of this principle of design will lead visitors’ attention to some page elements in order of priority, beginning with the most important piece. In terms of visual hierarchy, you must consider size and weight to highly your main assets like your business name and logo. Also, element placement is an important element of visual hierarchy. This involves the use of the right website layout to steer the eyes of visitors in the right direction.

After having a clear hierarchy for your information, your visitors will follow the footprints you have left behind.  Strips and grid layouts are powerful web design elements to help you achieve a strong visual hierarchy.

Ensure your Web Content is Easy to Read

A readable piece of content makes it easy for readers to recognise words, phrases, and sentences. A website with high readability lets users scan or skim-read through it effortlessly. To achieve readability, focus on sufficient contrast between the text color and background color. Also, as the majority of people struggle to see smaller fonts, ensure you keep the body text at least 16pt.  In terms of fonts, you can pick between serif fonts and sans serif, which is ideal for lengthy online texts. But, make sure not to use more than different typefaces throughout a website. Finally, you can establish a clear hierarchy by using text schemes. This approach will make sure you can always draw readers’ attention.

Design your Site in a Way that is Easy to Navigate

Ensure Sydney users can easily find what they are looking for. Also, an easy-to-navigate website helps search engines index your content while improving the user experience.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

Every website visitor must be able to enjoy your site at its very best, regardless of the device they are browsing. As you design your site, ensure it automatically offers a mobile-friendly version of the site. This will help you keep pace with the increasingly mobile world.

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